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Happy Birthday Smartbaby

                                       HAPPY BIRTHDAY SMARTBABY!!!
                           I HOPE THAT IT IS SHINY..............



Christmas Card

Hi everyone,

It is now November and Thanksgiving is literally just around the conner. This year I have decided to send some Christmas cards to people who ask for a card.

        If you would like a card please Send me a note at (erased email) telling me so.

I hope that everyone has a great day. I am going to go and start to design the cards soon and hopefully will send them a couple weeks before Christmas.

Anyone this is also on my other LJ under the name angelstar3999.

I hope that you have a good day. :D

~ Sesshomaruangel


New Picture

I have been working on this picture in my spare time when I am not finishing up my Faramir fan fiction swap and the Ardor in August story. I am I also wrapping my spring quarter and finishing up all my work for my last final. Hopefully in the next couple days will be wish happy wishes for the late birthdays. ^_^; Sorry about that.... I have been stressed lately.

Anyways my picture is under here.

Well I hope you have a good day.

Hugs, Angelstar3999 aka Sesshomaruangel

PS- this is also on my other journal.

Hello Everyone,

Aren't you tired of not getting the right color that you want? Don't you get tired of going to the point where you want to pull your hair out and Scream at the top of your lungs. Will so am I. So I am going to make a little guide and put in here. If you have any tips or Steps Please tell me and help me out to making the guild.

Here is the first one How to add color to the picture or how to Draw in the Picture on Adobe Photo shop. This will be on both my Angelstar site and here.


First Step: Scan on to computer and Save it.

More steps are under here in this cut.